Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kiddo update

It has been a very long week so far...and it isn't even Tuesday yet. Christian isn't getting better. He isn't puking or anything but now he just has a stuffy/runny nose and just whines alllllllllllll day. He doesn't have his appetite back yet either. He isn't very fun. haha. I would imagine that if Sarah wasn't here he would get all the cuddles and attention he needs but alas Sarah needs to eat and be tended to as well!

He got up at 4:30am this morning. I have been so tired the last few nights that I haven't heard him get up in the mornings and Matt has been doing it (he has been sleeping downstairs on a mattress because of him being sick and coughing his head off). I managed to get him back in bed at 7am and he slept until 9. So that was good but then made me worry about him taking another nap later in the day. But no issues there!! He went back down at 11am and didn't ge up until almost 3pm. Poor kiddo.

Sarah isn't getting better with her teething. If she is, in fact, having that going on! I still don't see any buds coming in. But I haven't found anything else that it could be! So, teething it is.... I've been giving her lots of teething tablets and keeping on the Tylenol at night. She is sleeping in hour long stretches now instead of waking up every 20 minutes like she did for two nights in a row. I should have just puer her in bed with me. But now that I'm keeping up with the meds she is getting better. Her longest stretch so far is 3 hours! Yay!

She still won't suck on a pacifier but will chew on it all day long! I don't get it. She can suck on ME all day long but won't take the binky. :( I let her cry for 10 minutes with it in her mouth today hoping that she would just take it. Nope... I'll keep at it. I just rotate between 2 or 3 and hope she takes one.

Matt got in contact with Housing as Grand Forks. We can't put in for a spot on a list until Matt gets his paper orders (official hard copy ones) so hopefully that will happen soon. The gal he spoke with sent him pictures in an email of the different floor plans and pictures of the houses. So we'll see where we end up!

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AmandaLFairbanks said...

Wow those houses look NICE!! I hope you get a house you like :)

I hope your little man gets better. The girls are slowly starting to get over their colds (runny noses, yuck) but Liliana has turned into a cry baby!! She has wanted to be held non stop and screams if I don't hold her. Can not wait for them to get better.