Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Decent day today.

We all took Matt to work this morning. It was weird. I just pretended that he would be coming home that evening. But of course he wouldn't be since today he left for Korea! He has a long flight there, long bus ride to base, and lots in inprocessing. So I hope to hear from him by Thursday morning.

It was a good day though. Little rough with the toddler attitude today but I put a stop to that and put him down for a nap at 10 am. WAY earlier than he usually goes down. Sarah went down fairly well right after I put Christian down. I got about a 20 minute nap...I think. I'm not sure when I feel asleep but I kept waking up. The first few times I thought Sarah was making noises but I would look at her and she was out cold. So I think I have just been so tired that I am whimpering in my sleep or something. I have been known to do that a few times!! But then Christian got up at noon and my napping was cut short. :( I got him up and gave him some lunch while Sarah slept a little longer. Then it was off to the commissary to get some milk. It wasn't too crowded but it seemed like everybody went to the checkouts at the same time. And why they only have 2 lanes open at a time is mind-boggling. They never have enough checkers.

After we were done there we went and hung out at a friend's house for a while so that the kiddos could play. They had lots of fun and wore each other out a bit. They played with DVD cases and made a mess.

It's fun to watch them play together. They try to copy each other and then steal back the toys. haha! They are such good kids, though.

Well, my first night in a long time that I'm going to bed alone and with no conversation from hubby. When he went to Virginia however many months back I was able to at least get a goodnight and an I Love You. But not this time. He will be super duper busy. The kids are in bed, I've updated with pics and I did a blog. Even though I haven't done my dishes and cleaned the kitchen, I'm calling this day successful!!! :-)

One down - 20 to go.

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