Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm a slacker - but we've got news!

I'm sorry! I've gotten one page of pictures up and have some more to go!! Lots of Sea Life Park and lots from Nancy's week here.

It's just been a long week since Matt got back. He was sick in Korea and brought the crud home. Then the day before Christian's birthday he got sick and barfed all over himself (and ME!) on the couch. He still hasn't gotten his appetite back - just little things here and there. Then I'm fairly sure Sarah is teething for real this time. There was one night this week that she was up TWELVE times before 1:30am. Finally at 3:30am she slept a full hour which let me get about 45 minutes. That was a very long night. She is getting better as the nights go on but not bu much. :( If I keep on top of the Tylenol and teething tablets she seems to be okay.

Anyways - my baby boy is TWO! He had a crappy birthday and spent it sleeping on a mattress in the living room with Matt. It was a pretty sad sight to behold. :(

So he did his presents and sorta ate some cake the day after. I'll get pictures of him opening presents up later.

So this week has been another long one to add onto my already long month of Matt being gone! Is it April yet?!

Okay so onto the news! I'm sure ALL of you have been informed by now but Matt got orders during one of his last days of being in Korea! Some back story first:
There is some sort of list for AF bases that nobody really wants to go to. Minot and Grand Forks (now, who wouldn't want to enjoy the nice winters in North Dakota?!?!??!?), some place in California and we think a base in New Mexico (Matt can't remember). Anyways, for a VERY long time Matt has been trying to fill out the forms to volunteer to go to one of these bases. He is supposed to do it online but never got the thing to work. While in Korea he was talking to a Superintendent about it. This guy worked his magic and all Matt had to do was sign a piece of paper!! That's it! Done. The next five years of Matt's career with be spend in Grand Forks, ND!

Say it with me folks - Hallelujah, God is GOOD! We are so excited we can hardly contain ourselves. We will be 335 miles from HOME. That means mini weekend vacations, hunting, fishing, SNOW forts, being able to drive 20 miles in the COUNTRY, seasonal weather, down-to-Earth good people...and so much more! There are just so many things that we are looking forward to when we move from Hawaii. It was a great experience while we were here and we certainly tried to make the best of it while on The Rock..but we sure can't wait to leave it! By October 30 we will be at Grand Forks AFB and living the life that we want our children to love. We can't wait!!!!

That is all I have time forin this post! I'll hopefully get some more about the kids in later!

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AmandaLFairbanks said...

That's awesome!!!!!!!! I am glad you guys got orders to a place you want :)