Saturday, March 14, 2009

Forgot to post Sarah's new stats!

Sarah had her 4-month well baby check on Thursday. She is doing great! :)

Here are her 2-month stats:
11.8 lbs (75%)
23.25 inches (80%)

Her new 4-month stats:
14.8 lbs (70%)
26 inches (95%)

Yes, you are reading that correctly. She is TALL!!!! She grew almost three inches in two months. She doesn't fit in any of her 3mo clothes anymore and a lot of her 3-6mo are starting to be too short for her torso. Get this girl a basketball hoop!

She got shots as well. They were still out of the HIB so who knows when she will get that!

She will go again when she is 6 months old. :)

Next Pediatrician appointment is for Christian. He has his check up ON his birthday!

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