Tuesday, March 10, 2009

3rd times the charm! Timeouts. Staring Contests.

Matt called me tonight. But we didn't actually get to have our conversation until the third time! There is some internet phone of some sort that he can use to call me. It wasn't working so he had to find a phone and use a calling card.

It's so nice to hear his voice. :) But it's a stuffy one now. He got a cold. I'm sure he is feeling like crud having to work 12-hour shifts. He works from 4pm to 4am. He has to be ready by 3pm so that he can take the bus to work. Then I'm sure he sleeps all day! Ick. He said he misses us of course and looks at the pictures I sent his phone before he goes to bed at night.

That is all I have to report about Matt. I can't tell you the mushy stuff!!! ;-)


Christian has been a stinker the last few evenings. I can tell that he is bored with me by the end of the day and would rather have Matt. Wish I could give that to him. I'm starting a new time out method. Before he would get a swat if he refused to listen a few times. But a friend's daughter was quick to go to timeout by the wall when she said. So I asked her what she did. Quite literally, she just brought her to the wall and put her nose to it. She said it took about 10 times for her to realize that this was timeout and she had to go to the wall and stand right next to it with her face.

So ever since Matt left I have been doing this when Christian blatantly refuses to listen or throws a tantrum. I have been taking him to a wall and holding his head there and telling him that he is in timeout and shouldn't do whatever he did to get there. I was holding Sarah once when he started getting mad and threw something. He was told to go to timeout by the wall and he actually went!! He didn't stay there, of course, but he knew what I was talking about!! :-) So, I'm going to do this timeout thing hardcore and hopefully he will be 'trained' by the time Matt gets back! How much easier life will be if I have a toddler that actually listens. haha.

In Sarah news...she has been having staring contests with her hands. It's the cutest thing and I really need to get her facial expression on camera. In past weeks she has known they are there. But never has she stared at them quite like the last few days! The way her arm is held and the look she gives it - almost like a Japanese Kung Fu voice over. I laugh every single time. That girl is awesome.

But that girl is going to have a 'tude!!! When she gets frustrated she lets out this high-pitched squeal. That is going to get her in trouble when she is Christian's age I think! It's her "Do something with me RIGHT NOW" scream.

'Yes, Ma'am!!' responds Mom.

The kiddos are sleeping, I'm going to FINALLY have dinner, and then watch a show or two before I head to bed. Love you!

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