Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sharing a funny moment from today...

You ever drive down the street, hear somebody honk their horn, then wonder if they are honking at you? Oh, you have? I'm glad we, as in my Mother and I, aren't the only ones that think that!

The story goes as follows:

We left the house this morning to go bring some ham to my grandma's (my mom's mom) house. She was tasked with getting Christian into his carseat while I did Sarah. She gets in the car and almost forgets to grab the ham out of the fridge in the garage. Off we go...

We get about half way to Grandma's and we hear a honk right next to us. We sorta look around wondering if somebody didn't see their light turn green for them to go. We look at each other wondering who honked and why. Our light turns green and we start down the street again. No more than five seconds later she says "Oh sh*t! My coffee cup is on the roof!!!" I laugh and she says "It's not funny. It's one of my good cups!" I laughed even harder.

Sure enough the honk was the truck next to us trying to get our attention. We look over and the lady in the passenger seat is frantically waving and pointing at the roof. We motion back that we understand and Mom slows down to try and save the cup from a possible Plummet of Death. Not that slowing down really mattered as we had already turned five times, one being the reversal out of the driveway, and gone over some horridly bad train tracks on 26th Street. That cup didn't want to die a gruesome death and held on for almost four miles!

We pulled over at the first street and as Mom was opening the door another car stopped to frantically tell us about the cup on the roof. Mom tells her that the cup traveled a long way so far on the roof. She grabs it to find that the almost half empty cup still has all the coffee left inside.

Great ride, coffee, great ride.

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Beth said...

Oh my lord you have given me a great laugh today! Thank you oh so much:) And to the coffee cup, we are oh so glad you made it!