Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LOTS of Fair Pictures

Last week the fair was here. Figured I had better take the kiddos to at least be able to say that I took them!

I didn't care too much about Christian going on the crazy rides. Just wanted him to go on the Ferris Wheel and to see the animals. Both were a hit! Christian loved the animals and had to let me know that each one had 'dicky wayer' a.k.a. 'icky water'. And, yes, most of the animals DID have icky water. :( He enjoyed the Ferris wheel quite a bit because when we were up at the top a plane was flying by and we seemed really close!

Anyway, here are some pictures of our few hours at the fair.

Some absolutely sorry looking chicken of some kind. haha I actually bent over with my head upside down to try and find this things eyes!

I tried to get Christian to touch the cow. But as soon as we got close enough it Mooed...LOUD! That was enough to make him not want to go near it. So we moved onto the dairy cows.

I was telling him that these cows make milk. He says 'No milk, wayer'. It's a struggle to get milk into the kid so I thought that was hilarious. I assured him that he didn't have to drink any but that those cows had absolutely no wayer and only made milk for him to drink.

Then we found the goats!!!!! Oh, they were so cute. Christian wanted to pet every single one. I think we were the first people there to greet them for the day.

There were even baby goats!! :) They were so precious.

And this goat was hungry. It tried to get Sarah's hat and nibble her fingers. She was absolutely stunned that it was trying to eat her and just sat there motionless. Thank goodness for Anne because he snapped a quick picture!

Then we saw pigs, mini horses, big hroses, cows, geese and some tiny little chickens (I think?).

This bucket had brand new babies in them.

This one had eggs that were hatching!! I even got a video of this little one. It was so cute and Christian didn't want to leave it.

Then we went to some of the buildings with stuff in them. The rides didn't open until noon and we got there about 10:30am. So we had some time to kill. There was a building with a model train set which I knew Christian would love. He said 'choo choo' as they all went around and thought it was just the neatest thing that they were all moving.

The Ferris Wheel that we almost didn't get to ride! When we bought tickets for the ride I spefically asked the guy in the booth if I had to buy tickets for adults AND children for the Ferris wheel or if it was just a pay for the kid but you have to ride with them deal. I hadn't been to a fair in years so I didn't know. So he said that buying just the tickets for the kids was what I needed to do. Good, thanks, I gave him $8 for eight little tickets. What a rip off! Anyway, we get in line, wait, finally start to 'board' our gondola. I give him the eight tickets and hop on with Sarah. Anne is behind me with Christian and he asks for her tickets. Uhhhhh..... I tell him what the ticket booth guy said and he said I needed eight more tickets for all four of us to ride. I started to get off but the 'boss man' running the controls told 'loader man' that it was fine and to let us all on. Yay! So instead of paying SIXTEEN DOLLARS for a two-minute Ferris wheel ride I only had to pay half that.
Sarah and Me

Anne and Christian

Overall FUN time at the fair. Can't believe the cost of the games/rides but I went for food and animals. :)

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