Sunday, August 9, 2009

I totally need to post more...

...but I haven't been. Simple enough reason, right? haha

It's been a wonderful month and we are currently working on getting through ANOTHER one! :-) I've been able to talk to Matt here and there during the last few weeks but he has been super busy trying to get things done on his end for our upcoming PCS. We have the date for our car to be shipped, for the house to be packed up and a tentative date for him to leave Hawaii! So things are rolling along nicely.

Currently, though, Matt is in the air flying to Korea. They have another exercise/mission/top secret (but not really) what-have-you. It's only for a few weeks but he is excited about it. They might even get to be dropped off and picked up by helicopters in a real-life, but fake, rescue mission! How fun! If nothing else, it will be another two weeks that will fly by for him and two weeks closer to being done there. No other news with Matt. He is bored to death without us.

Kiddo news:

Sarah is sitting up very nicely. She can even stand for short periods with our help. No crawling yet, though. Just a few attempts at getting on all fours. See!

That's REO in the picture with her. She likes the puppies. And they tolerate her WAY more than they do Christian. Not too fond of the tyke.

Sarah is also a food lover like her Mommy! She could eat sweet potatoes until the cows came home. We are working on getting her to like different textures but she would rather have purees. Just not a fan of chunks I guess.

She loves the water. We had the kids the wrong way around. Christian wasn't a fan of water until recently. Sarah loves to sit in it and splash.

Christian is LOVING it around these parts. We can tell that he is saying a lot more. Granted it still isn't all that clear but he is communicating more and I'm loving it. Matt will need help understanding him, though. But it shouldn't take long.
The other night Christian caught some fireflies with Grandpa Kerry. I had to contain my squeals because I usually hate it when he goes to touch bugs. He brought me a dead fly last week. BLECH! But he was fascinated with them when we told him they had lights!

We are just ho-humming along. Glad to be here but ready to get our move over and done with! I miss Matt and he misses us. Webcam just isn't the same. Is it September yet?!

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Val said...

Yay! You must have added me, so I can read your blog again. Or did you come out of private?

I seen your title about going private in my blog, so I clicked on it and it said I wasn't allowed. Sad.

Then, I didn't know your email to ask you! Ha! I just now remembered I could have gone through Facebook as well. :-)