Monday, August 17, 2009

I love his imagination.

Even if it is a messy one!

After I get Sarah down for a nap in the morning (she takes two still - one in the AM and one with Christian after lunch) I usually give Christian a snack so that he sits down for at least a few nanoseconds minutes of quiet time. Barring his 'tude for the day I might have some luck and he'll play quietly with his cars or watch Blue's Clues.

This morning he got graham crackers on the couch. I took the opportunity to quickly check my email. After a few minutes he is still quiet so I figured I'd better check on him. I peek around the corner and he is hunched on the couch driving his cars around. Awesome, that means a few more minutes of internet browsing time. A few minutes later is he still quiet. I look again and he is still playing with the cars. This time I notice his crackers haven't been touched....or so I thought!

I go over to the couch and see this:

(You can click on it to make it bigger). Look at all those crumbs!!! It was everywhere. The picture just doesn't give you the full extent of how many crumbs there were all over the couch, the floor, and IN his cars. Yes, I said in.

I noticed him trying to shove something into the side of his big car that has moving doors. My little boy, cute as could be, made two tiny graham cracker people! And put them into the seats of his car!!

So precious! I couldn't get mad at him for making a mess all over the couch. I had to tell him he was cute and that he had a great imagination to be able to think of putting two little pieces in there. LOVE HIM!

**Post in a bit, or maybe tomorrow, about the fair!**

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