Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another eventful week!

So this past week has been fun! More like gut wrenching!!!

Christian's tooth episode is over and I think the rest of the tooth coming in should be good.

But this week has been filled with MANY gasps, oohs, and ahhs! Christian has learned to pull himself up on the couch, the chairs, and the baby gate!! He crawls with no problem and he tries to get into everything. He goes to doors and knows that he can open and close them...more or less move them back and forth on the hinges. He knows how to fight his way to get something if he has to. He also knows how to feel his Bear Book :) He's a bright one, he is!!

So, since Christian has this new-found mobility...I don't get ANYTHING done during the day! haha. I have to do homework while he naps or when he eats for about 5 minutes in the high chair. Oy vey...we have our work cut out for us. But Matt is loving almost every second of this, minus the scary seconds where we are afraid he will fall. But Christian moving means Matt playing! He is very much looking forward to playing catch. He has his baseball mitt ready and in the hall closet for the day they get to practice :)

Everything else has been dandy here. Things have been great on the Keefer homefront and we couldn't be more blessed for everything we have. GOD IS GOOD!!

Crystal & Christian - The Mover & Shaker!

Check out all the new videos I have on the webpage. There are new pictures as well!!

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