Sunday, January 13, 2008

School is upon us!

Spring semester is in full effect! If only I had my school books.... :( When I ordered them I chose the wrong part for one class. So Deb from the bookstore called me the day before classes started to let me know she caught it (I had ordered the books about 6 days before this). So she had to redo my order that morning and send out the books. So that STUNK! So here I sit on Sunday...still with no books. Most of my assignments are due the day I SHOULD get my books so it will be major catchup.

Anywho - Hopefully I'll have time to continue taking pictures for the website. And instead of copying ALL the pictures from Christmas I'm going to add some links that go to my Facebook albums. That will be much easier to view them since there are so many.

Nothing more I really wanted to say. Just that I'll be super busy and I'm trying to add some pictures in the middle of chasing Christian and doing some homework...with no books! haha!


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