Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wow, I'm even worse!

I'm horrible at keeping this thing updated while I'm in Sioux Falls! Sorry!

It's just been so fun. So many things going on. The kiddos get to see their grandparents, and Auntie Annie, SO many times a week. It's just been great.

Matt is honestly going to be floored at how much each of them has grown up. Sarah is all over the place with rolling and trying to crawl, which looks like she is doing the worm. She has even been able to go from her tummy back to sitting a few times the past few days! She is getting to be a big girl. Twenty pounds - ooftah! She lets you know when she is ticked off or upset about something. Shakes her head, her arms, and grunts until you pay attention to her. She loves to shovel food in her mouth, too. Little oinker like to eat. We had goulash one night for supper and she literally ate three times more than Christian did. Well, maybe 1/3 of it ended up on her instead of in her.

Christian has been a goober but what else is new there. We have dabbled in potty training:

And he is finally getting along better with Ollie, the older, and grumpier, of the two dogs at my parents house:

He is using more words. Sometimes even getting those three-word sentences in. He asks for water all the time, especially in the car. He loves the moon. He says goodbye to it on nights that it is seen from the front of the house. He sees cigarette butts on the ground and calls them 'icky, gross' but still wants to pick them up. I think it is so he can throw them away? Ew, icky gross! haha

Other than just waiting, and waiting, and more waiting, for Matt to leave Hawaii to rejoin us, we haven't been doing much. Just enjoying how blessed we are with this quality grandparent time. Family is so important to us and we are thrilled that Christian and Sarah get to soak them up for a few more weeks before heading to Grand Forks.

All for now. I have some cute videos that I need to get uploaded for you all to see. I'll try that in another post!

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