Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My hip-baby Sarah Bear is now mobile. The one thing that I was so worried about with her, she is finally able to do. With her hip issues I was sad that she would most likely be delayed with any type of crawling/walking. The last few weeks she has been working hard to try and get caught up!

A few weeks ago Sarah was in the living room playing on her tummy. I walk out and talk to my mother in the hallway and go back to Sarah. She was sitting up!!! I asked my mom if she sat Sarah up and the reply was No. Dang, I missed it. So over the next few days we started to watch her and, sure enough, she started to scoot one leg under, push her butt back, and sit up! That's my girl.

Then she started to do what we call 'The Worm'. She would get up on all fours and literally throw herself forward into the ground. Get up on all fours again, bringing her knees closer to her hands, and throwing herself forward...over and over. This is how she got around if she wanted to get something. Super cute.

Now the last few days she has been scooting her knees a bit more. It would seem like she was going to take off crawling for real but then she would do the worm. Every so often she got one little scoot in with her legs. Today, however, it seemed to click and she took off a few times after Ollie! I got a few videos of the worm and her crawling. So stay tuned and look for them.

I am so proud of her. Her hips don't seem to bother her at all so I'm praying that is a good sign. She still isn't able to bear her entire weight on her legs but she sure tries. But I don't blame her. She is a good twenty pounds! Lots of weight to hold up on those little legs. Not to mention, she rarely used them for a good two months while in the brace. (We have been bad lately about keeping it on her all the time, shhhh!!)

Here is my mom helping Sarah to stand:

Now I have to really watch out. She can get anywhere if she wants to. My little girl is growing up....

ETA: Vidoes!
The Worm:

The Crawl!


Shana said...

Good Job Sarah! : ) Way to make your mommy proud!!

Jon just told me about the talk he had with your hubby before we moved. LOL...he thought it was pretty funny. Did Matt tell you about it?

Val said...

The worm! How cute! I've never seen anything like it.