Thursday, September 24, 2009

Check. Check. And Check.

House packed up.
All in one day, I might add.

PT test for Matt to pass.
With Matt having the best run time of his military career, I might add.

Our vehicle making it's way to the processing center in St. Louis.
Getting there before WE do, I might add.

Things are getting done and we now have, roughly, 160 hours until Matt and I finally see each other in the flesh. It will be exactly four months of separation that we will be able to put behind us. He will soon be reunited with-
This boy:

This girl:

And this wife:

Like he has others??!!

He JUST text me, literally, and has ten minutes of outprocessing left. He can wash his hands of Hickam AFB and Oahu, Hawaii in T-minus 159 hours.

Not that I'm counting, I might add.

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Artz Family Faith said...

I am super SUPER excited for you two love-birds to be reunited! Enjoy your trip home to the kiddos! I'm sure its going to be an exciting time for you guys!