Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another semester done...and random kid stuff!

Nancy - it was an absolute blessing that you were able to come out and help us all. We were literally lost the afternoon you left. We didn't know what to do with ourselves. It was a major help and just all around great to have some company here to spend some time with us. THANK YOU!!

With Nancy's help I was able to take all four finals! I am officially done with my final full semester of school ever! I know that 2 of my 5 classes I got A's as the final grade. The 3 other classes are still out to jury but I'm pretty sure I at least got B's in most of them. I'm so happy that I just have one summer class left before I can graduate in August. HOORAY!


Nancy took many pictures while she was here and once I get a CD of them I will put as many up online as I can. I haven't done any lately because, quite frankly, I am LOVING not doing anything! HA! It has been so nice to not have to run to the computer first thing in the morning to make sure nothing has popped up to turn in or to see what I have forgotten to turn in.

I bought a book while Nancy was here and I finished it in 3 days. I was amazed. I think the next book I will have to pace myself ;-)

I also took NAPS while she was here!!!!! It's a miracle! I don't remember the last time I took a nap and actually enjoyed it rather than felt guilty that I should be cleaning the house or doing homework. It was GREAT. I am excited to add more naps to my day when Christian goes down for his. :-)

Christian got new tennis shoes, too! I have some pictures and a short video of him walking in them at the store. He likes to find them in the house, bring them to us, and have them be put on. Then he likes to clomp around the floor to just hear the shoes make noise haha. He enjoys going to the park with his new shoes, too. He likes to crawl UP the slide and then down it on his belly. He likes the swing and occasionally the stairs. But most of all, he likes to test the waters of walking off the edge of the play area and into the grass. It's a big step for him because there are a few inches between the cement going down to the actual landing of the grass. He has tumbled a few times and laid there waiting to be picked up but we try to encourage him to stand back up and keep going. He does well :-)

Christian has also started to tease! He will offer us food while he is eating, we will lean in to take it from him...then he will TAKE IT BACK! :-) This makes us laugh a lot and he gets a kick out of it. Most of the time he will share but he gets his random goofiness and wants to tease us with his Cheerios.

And speaking of him eating....HOLY COW! I think he will be 7 foot tall and play football. This kid ate SO much while Nancy was here. He ate more in a day then he had in a week before she got here. No joke. He was always so picky with his food and sorta played with it after a few bites. But it was like Grandma helped him find his love for food again! He can eat as much as me during a meal if we let him. Then sometimes when I take him down he is mad that he isn't getting more. Even after a large amount of milk at the end of his meal he is mad that it's gone. I think he will be eating us out of house and home pretty soon. If this next child is a boy...we are in trouble ;-)


Speaking of the Baby #2. Everything is great so far. I have my next appointment on the 16th of this month. We get to hear the heartbeat and I can't wait! We didn't get to hear it at the first appointment I had (we had an ultrasound and I could just see it beating and not actually hear it) so I'm very anxious to go and get some reassuring sounds.


Well, with school now winding down and I will hopefully have more time to work on the website and the scrapbooking. Christian will also be pleased to have more of my attention and I'm excited to give it to him. He is growing so fast and one of these days he is just going to start speaking in full sentences. He is an absolute joy and he amazes me every day. I love being his Mommy. Matt enjoys coming home to him, too. It's great to have someone so excited and come cruising to the door to say Hi!


That is about all for this update. I sorta rambled randomly. When I get the pictures I will make sure to work on them right away for the website.


Crystal and the Gang

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