Sunday, April 27, 2008

Finals week - and stuff....

First off, I have to update on the pregnancy. We had an ultrasound on April 15 and the baby looks great! It is measuring right on with dates and the due date will be November 1st. I go back again May 16 for a regular checkup. :)

It's been a busy week or two for us. Myself with getting last minute assignments in for school and preparing everything for finals. I took one final a few days ago and have three more left.

Matt has been working on the Jeep. We have been trying to get it inspected (Hawaii law in order to drive it here) and it just hasn't been working out. So now we have to wait another month for the Jeep to get in so we can register it on base and have it be legally drivable. We are BOTH looking forward to that day. I am very excited about having my own car for when I need it.

Christian has been walking!! And walking!!! And WALKING! He used to have his arms out and up and all over to help steady himself. But now he just cruises along. Still falls over now and then and has to crawl to something to get back up...but he sure is getting the hang of it!

He fell off the air mattress we had set up in the bedroom the other day. Cut his lip open and bled everywhere. It's been puffy for a day and a half now and you can see where his teeth shaved off some skin. Poor baby :( We felt horrible about it but I guess he has to get hurt sometime!! Can't live in a bubble forever.

The day after my last final I am on a mission with Christian. We are getting rid of...the BOTTLE!! As of now he only gets a bottle of milk a bit before his naps and at night before bed. All other times of the day it is a sippy cup with water to have at meals and while he is traipsing around the house. I'm going to try and get this kid off the bottle and only a sippy cup ONLY. I'm very scared about it. I think I will have to go cold turkey and he will have to throw a fit until he realized that he will only get milk/water/anything to drink from a sippy only. Pray for us.

On a more happy note----- Since Matt no longer has the area of the kitchen for all his computer stuff... *I* have taken it over!!!! :D:D:D:D:D Happy dance!!
All my scrapbooking stuff has come out from hiding under the bed and in the closets. I have set up my little area and I intend on getting the 30+ pages finished that I have to put into Nancy and Linda's scrapbooks! I even have a list of the pages that I need to do, how many there might be, and all my page decorations ready to go.

I really hope that I can get these done for them. I left off on week 28 of my pregnancy with Christian! He is....ohhhhh, a year and one month old!!! I have a ways to go :( And I'm now on week 13 of pregnancy #2.....geesh! I have my work cut out for me. Either way, I'm super excited to get back into scraping and crafty stuff. I even have Scooby Doo fabric that I want to make into something for Christian. Not a clue what though!

Okay, I think that is all I have for an update. I'm hungry and need a late night snack.

I'll post more pictures to the site when I get a chance. Right now it's Finals Mode. I'm trying not to get distracted ;)


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