Thursday, May 15, 2008


Looks like I finally caught the case of the sniffles. The last handful of times that the boys have gotten sick I had managed to avoid it all together. But this time I was not so lucky. Since Mother's Day the boys have been sick. Christian, mostly due to teething. Matt, mostly due to something random. Crystal, caught a little something from each boy. I'm hoping it is just allergies though.

So, here I sit at the laptop doing some transcription homework with a pile of Kleenex next to my water glass. Sudafed has not helped thus far and stuffing Kleenex in each nostril hasn't done anything useful other than make my face itch.

We have Bible study at our house Thursday night so I have to make sure I clean everything really well and then don't touch anything while everyone is here.

I hope to be better by Saturday night because I will be going to a BUNCO game. I'm super excited because BUNCO is a very fun dice game that I played when I first got to the island (and before Christian was born). This time is a PJ theme with tons of breakfast/brunch potluck foods. :-)


OB appointment Friday!!!!!! Will update when I get home from it :-)

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