Monday, May 26, 2008

ANOTHER success at the pool!

We took Christian back to the pool yesterday and put him back into the water sprayers to get used to the water. Then we went RIGHT into the big pool! He loved it!!!! He had a lot of fun. I accidentally dunked him a few times but he is a wiggly little thing!

I think when Anne gets here we are going to go get some pool toys for Christian. I think she will know what works best for his age. Arm floaties are still a ways off I think.

But we had fun! He can't stay in long because he doesn't move his little body enough to keep him warm so it was about 30 minutes tops that he can be in. He kicked and splashed and giggled.

SUCCESS!!! :-)

No pictures though :-( We were having too much fun to get out and snap a shot.

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