Monday, November 9, 2009

Welcome to North Dakota!

I saw this sign for the first time this past weekend. I have once, very long ago, taken a very short drive into, and back out of, North Dakota when I was in college. A bunch of us went to someone's house in Lemmon, SD. Very small town with nothing to do. So we drove around a bit and one little road was my journey through North Dakota. Not very 'cool'.

But this last weekend I went up to North Dakota with intentions of seeing the base, meeting a few people, looking at our house, and figuring out if I liked the place. All events were a success!!!!

I took of from Sioux Falls Friday afternoon after I got the kids fed and into bed for naps. Grandpa Kent took over and I headed out. One straight drive North, and many constructions areas later, I made it to the base. Very small compared to Hickam, HI but it reminded me so much of Ellsworth, SD. I'm telling you, Grand Forks felt like night and day compared to the last three years we just lived. And I smile thinking about it. I kid you not, I was giddy on my drive up. I'm looking forward to living in a place that has lots of things to do in the summer. There are even camp grounds right on base!! There is also a horse stable (more on that later). The outdoor recreation center has so many boats to choose from for rent, along with camping gear and anything else you can think of to do in the Great Outdoors. Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself!

So as soon as I get up there we headed across the street from the motel Matt is staying in to JR Rockers. It's the Air Force restaurant. We went to the one on Hickam quite often. Good food and they have darts and pool!! Anyways, we went there to grab something to eat since we were starving and to meet some of the people that worked there. Matt has been busy chatting up the place since he moved. He has even gone hunting with a few of them. After we ate we just hung out in the hotel. We were tired.

Saturday started with some breakfast in bed for Matt. He said he rarely had breakfast so I figured I'd make him some. He enjoyed that. Then we went to Texas Roadhouse and met up with someone I had talked to online at one of my military websites. It's just a forum that I go to where many military wives/fiances/girlfriends go and support each other. It's a great place where I met MANY people in Hawaii. North Dakota does not have a huge demographic on the site (no brainer there???) but I did manage to talk with a few people from Grand Forks a while back about housing. So we decided to meet up and have lunch with B&J. (Hello if you are reading!!!!) It was a great time with some good conversation. We had quite a few things in common. I have a feeling we won't be strangers. :-)

Plus, B has a horse on base at the stables! Matt was actually a little excited and he wants to ride it. B said yes. :) I think Christian would love it as well even though he has only been on the little horses. Bigger can be better! It was just a great lunch and I'm glad we met them.

After lunch we both passed out. We were so tired from the night before. The walls are super thin and we heard everything. Nice place to live, not a nice place to sleep. haha After our naps we got prettied up to go to the karaoke night at JR Rockers. I did not sing. I cannot sing. I will not sing. End.Of.Story. Most of the people that sang did country. Matt was not impressed. I thought it was funny. Matt was getting annoyed by the songs so he actually went through the book of songs to find one to sing. But it was mostly country.... haha! So he put in a request for some crazy rock song for the next time they do karaoke.

Sunday was a gloomy day out. We tried to sleep in only to be woken up by the kids in the next suite...again. I made some breakfast for us. Nothing on base is open before noon on Sundays so there wasn't much to do. We cuddled and watched some tv. With how the day was looking we decided I better take off early. Good thing I did since it started raining the second I drove off the base. Was a semi-long drive home with the rain but I made it in good time. Got back in time to see the kids and put them to bed myself. I missed them. Matt misses them. Was a good weekend though. I love the area and am so glad that we have already made a few friends!

Here are a few pictures I took. Edited to add-I have NO idea why they are so small!!!

The drive up there. Done MANY times in my college days:

Our house!


The sunset on the drive back to Sioux Falls. SO pretty :)

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Shana said...

Happy to see how happy you are in ND! Your house looks beautiful!! And that picture of the sunset makes me miss Omaha sunsets over fields of corn. I really don't think that sunsets over the ocean, hold anything on sunsets over an open me crazy.