Monday, November 23, 2009

That Thing You Do

Alternately called: The Crazy Things My Kids Seem To Do

Some days I feel like I need a tag team partner! Slap a hand and step out of the ring for a little bit. Today would be one of those days. I think the kiddos conspired to make today a long one for me. Nothing really went 'right'. Except for them sleeping until 8:30am. And now that I think about it my day could have been even longer had they gotten up at 7am like they usually do. Hallelujah today was a good day!

And about it not being 'right'. Sarah started the day with a snotty nose. She has been cranky the last few. This can only mean one thing: teeth!! I pray it isn't molars. Not yet! She was very clingy and cried when anything was taken from her. First it was a toy of Christian's. He snatched it away and the waterworks started. Then it was a pen that I took away for fear that she would somehow manage to fall into it and gouge out an eyeball. Then it was my phone. Then it was a toothbrush that she managed to gag herself on twice.

I was on the phone with Matt during one of her 'moments' and he asked if she was being a priss. I said, "A priss? Try princess! This girl is going to fight for what she wants!!" The little woman seriously doesn't back down that easy. I think she gets her stubbornness from her mother father.

And the boy... Oh, the boy. For not even being three he is quite agile and quick. He is very good at throwing, kicking, running, jumping, rolling, etc. Seems to have a knack for the athletics. Wouldn't have guessed that today!!! The boy fell off so many pieces of furniture. Twice off the large recliner. Few times off of the plastic box that holds wrapping paper. Then off the back of the couch! He has a nice one inch bruise on his cheek from his face hitting the window sill. He even tried to use his firetruck as a skateboard and completely wiped out on the kitchen floor.

As far as what the kiddos have been doing development wise:
Christian is still learning new words. He still can't say most of them correctly, as in not completing the whole word or saying it backwards, but he can usually get the point across. He knows the names of his favorite cartoons. He asks for Wubbzy first, then Diego, then Dora and Boots. He even talks along with them! :) I'm glad he likes them.

Sarah can now walk while holding onto our hands. She wants to do it on her tiptoes and go really fast so I'm trying to get her to slow down and concentrate. She also talks/babbles a lot, loves to look outside the window with the dogs and Christian, loves food, loves flipping through books to 'read', dances, blows kisses, says 'uh-oh' a million times a day, helps pick up toys, loves to play in the water, loves her brother, and is just an absolute joy to be around (except today....). ha!

Well, in non kid related news we have news! Matt picked up the keys and signed for our house today!!!!!!!! But the bad news is that it isn't the floor plan OR the house originally posted here. It is the next house down! hahahaha Oh, well. I was bummed at first but after seeing videos from Matt I'm super excited!

Here is a video of the kitchen/dining area as well as a quick glimpse of 'upstairs'. Makes for an interesting layout but we already know where our things are going. Will be exciting to take 'after' pictures. Yay!!

So that is all for now. Not sure how many times I'll get on and post this week since it's Thanksgiving and all. But once we get internet up at the new house I'll be back on to upload the millions of pictures I have. Ta ta!

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AmandaLFairbanks said...

I like that house! My kids are being HORRIBLE today. Liliana is crying over everything today. I am pretty sure my mother in law accidentally scratched up Liliana's hand and every time she looks at it she starts crying and asking for a tissue. Omg! I can not wait for bedtime. And Wynter, she keeps instigating and I am trying to clean the house, make 4 pumpkin rolls, make an apple pie from scratch and get dinner stuff ready. And of course I ran out of stuff so I have two unfinished pumpkin rolls that will have to wait until I get the kids in the tub and myself showered to get to the store. 8:00 can not come quick enough!