Sunday, November 15, 2009

Almost Home!

According to the housing office up in Grand Forks we should be able to get the keys to the house sometime next weekend or the following week. So, before the original December 11 date. Hooray! Matt is coming down to Sioux Falls for Thanksgiving and will be taking us all up to go HOME with him! Ahh...that sounds wonderful. Home.

I have absolutely loved being here at my parents house but I'm...done. I want my own bed. My own closets. My own bathroom. My own pillows. My own kitchen with my awesome new pans. My own washer and dryer so that I can do cloth diapers. My own furniture. Rooms for the kids with their stuff inside. Ahh...that sounds wonderful. Home.

Once we get up there and get settled I have sooooooooooo many pictures to get up for you all to see. I know that I post some here and there on the blog but I seriously have so much more. I also have to scrap book like a crazy lady. I have to finish both books of Christian's and start both of Sarah's. Oy.

I have to look in my camera at all the pictures to see what we have been doing the last month or so. haha! I take a few with my phone since that always seems to be handy. Here is one of me making lefse the other day with Nancy and Marilyn (Matt's Mom and Grandma).

And one each of the kiddos!

I'll be typing my little fingers off in a few weeks getting up posts and pictures. Here are a few of the highlights that will be coming...
1) Fall festival at church on Halloween night
2) The Joy of Box Sliding
3) Sarah and Matt's joint birthday party
4) Moving Day (of course!)

All for now. I'm headed to bed!


~J's Mommy~ said...

I'm glad you get the keys so soon! Have fun up there, I'll visit sometime! :o)

I still think you should make and send me some lefsa! Yum!

Keefer Family said...

Okay, FINE! I'll make some for you as soon as I get the recipe! :-)

AmandaLFairbanks said...