Monday, October 26, 2009

To North Dakota He Went!

This past Sunday Matt took off for North Dakota. This week he will inprocess, find out what his job will entail, and HOPEFULLY be able to get us a house! Busy week for him.

The kids and I stayed behind even though we could have gone with him. But we had no clue how long it would take to get a house so we thought it easier to just stick around until we are called on by the Hubby. haha

The past few weeks seemed to fly by. We tried to do a lot and relax a lot. Matt got a lot of hunting gear. He shot a pheasant on his first day out and it happened to be a 'game' pheasant from Cabella's in Mitchell. It had a tag on it's leg so they brought it in and were told it was 1 of 100 birds that the store let go. It was a chance at $1 million dollars!!!! We didn't win.... And if we had I wouldn't put it on the blog for the world to see anyways! I would have cousins I didn't know about asking me for money. It was a cool first bird to shoot though! Here he is with it:

Sarah is standing up on everything! She sorta scoots along the couches but not much. She might be walking soon. Her birthday is also TOMORROW!!!! My baby girl will be ONE. The last year flew by.

Christian finally got a hair cut. It was getting so long! He looks good with it short. :) He is a stinker and tries to get away with stuff but he's still super cute. He's a Momma's Boy right now. Too much at bedtime though. Wants me to read anything and everything, kiss all the animals, get more animals, get water, change his pj's...on and on and on!

Christian is also obsessed with this cartoon:

This is Wubbzy. Sometimes it is the first thing out of his mouth when he leaves his room. He wants to sit on the couch and watch Wubbzy. It's certainly better then some stupid cartoon shows but he wants it ALL.THE.TIME. A plus to Wubbzy? I know what his 3rd Birthday party theme will be!

Not much with me. Trying to put our stuff together to figure out what needs to be taken from my parents house and Matt's parents house up to Grand Forks. It's A LOT is all I know. Going to need a U-Haul for sure. I'm also sick. I thought I had just lost my voice from having a lot of late movie nights with Matt but it turns out I'm actually sick! No voice, coughing, stuffy nose and head. But NO fever which is good. Keep that piggy flu away!

Not much else. I'll let you know about our housing situation as soon as I do! :)

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