Thursday, October 15, 2009

I have been pretty bad about blogging for you all and getting pictures up for you to see. So I'll put some here to show the last few weeks in review. Ready. Set. Go!

Sarah is now a little beaver with her two top teeth. They are in further than this picture and she is also working on a tooth to the right of the top ones. She is a much better teether than she was when the bottom two came in. :)

Sarah's first pedicure courtesy of Auntie Anne. I got my toes done before heading to St. Louis also.

We made a sign for Matt to see when we pulled up to the house on our way back from St. Louis. I wanted to have Christian put his hand print on it as well as Sarah's feet prints.

Christian wasn't going to put his hand in paint. He backed waaaaay up!

We convinced him to paint a little then Anne snuck in to hold him and we quickly got a yellow hand on the sheet.

Daddy back with his babies!

Sarah is now an avid reader of books! She sat on both Grandpas laps for a very long time just looking at pictures, talking to them, and flipping pages. Maybe she will be the bookworm of the two?! Here she is talking and pointing.

Sarah has also found out how to wrestle! She will crawl over to Christian when he is on the floor and tries to climb on top of him. Christian played along this day and put his legs around her to hold her in place.

It didn't help all that much because she got higher. :)

She also pulls herself up to stand sometimes. And of course I missed the first three times she did it! I finally saw it when she stood up at the couch next to Grandpa Kent. I caught a few pictures of her at the dishwasher trying to stand up a few days ago. She did it! Then of course when I went to get a video of it she just crawled around.

Christian is a lover of Wubbzy. I can't stand the show but he asks for it almost every morning. Blue's Clues was his favorite. I wish it still was because my ears don't bleed during that show.

This past Sunday we made it back to the Country Apple Orchard. But this time it was for pumpkins!!!!! But we were actually quite dissappointed in the selection they had for us to pick out there. Some really big orange ones but a lot were small and green. Who wants those?! Not us. So we just grabbed this one that Christian and Matt picked out then went back to the store to get the smaller orange ones already in a large bin.

Sarah all bundled up. She hardly moved. haha

Christian rode the horse (and train) again! This time Daddy got to help with it all. He smiled the whoooooole time. Loved it.

Then we tried to get a family picture. Not so great. It was almost 3pm. Way past naptime. He didn't want to sit. Didn't want us...only the Grandparents. Bawled the whole way to the car. He was a mess. But the rest of us look sorta cute! haha

We have done a few other things here and there but nothing blog-worthy. Matt is going pheasant hunting this weekend. We'll see what he comes back with. HA!

Next week we head up to Grand Forks. No new developments in the housing department.

Kids are napping, lunch is done, relaxation on the horizon. Bye all!

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AmandaLFairbanks said...

They are getting so big! Glad your hubby is back with you all :)