Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our last few weeks in a quick photo recap!!

I'm still working on the bagillion pictures to get on the website so I wanted to give a teaser.

Fourth of July was spent at the Heffele house in Lake Benton, MN. Christian had his first taste of the lake...literally. I told him to go in and he started walking, tripped, got up, tripped, repeat about six times by the time I was able to grab his arm and help him back to the shore. haha!
It was a really nice day there. Sort of overcast most of the day (as it rained almost all day the day before) and the sun finally came out around 4pm just in time for the pontoon ride.
Here is Christian and his crack!

We didn't do much during the week. Everyone was back at work and we stayed with the dogs. Christian likes to walk them but I believe they are not too fond of it.

The next weekend was a good one as well. Christian went to Grandma and Grandpa Keefer's for the day. Sarah and I were left to our own womanly devices so we did what most women do! We grabbed Grandma Linda and went shopping! We headed up to Brookings for their annual craft festival on a mission to find something for the kids' rooms. I scored for both of them!

Sarah got an absolutely adorable table and chairs and Christian got a HUGE teepee tent for his room!

Today we went to the zoo! Christian even rode the carousel again. :) The first picture is from many moons ago when Matt was in Korea and I went back to South Dakota while he was gone. Look how little Christian was!!!! The second is from today. I tried to put him on the same animal but he didn't want to be on it so I moved him up next to Sarah.

It was a perfect day for the zoo and I'm so glad we went. Sarah did FANTASTIC and Christian loved looking at all the animals. He was even able to name a few! :)

Oh, and here is a family picture at the zoo. We were even all looking!!
*Note: I am NOT pregnant! It was very windy and made my shirt under the sweater puff up!

That's all I have for you today. I'll continue to work on the editing and get some pages up!

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