Friday, July 24, 2009

Dear Daddy,

Hi, Daddy, this is your Sarah Bear. I wanted to write you a little note since I missed you. There are so many things that you get to see soon! I have been a busy little girl. Pictures don't do justice to what I have been doing.

Grandpa Kent taught me how to tilt my head to the side and look sooooo cute! I think you are going to be even more tightly wrapped around my finger. Trust me, you won't be able to tell me no.

I have such a crooked grin and crinkly nose when I get happy. You'll want to pinch my cheeks all day. But, please, not too hard!

I can clap my hands and I have started to do it when Mommy says 'yay'. I have started to wave at people, too. Mommy has to help me a little, though, since I don't have that great of coordination.

Bath time is one of my favorite parts of the day. I love to splash in the water and grab at the floaty toys. Grandma Nancy loves to help me clean all those cracks you love!!!!

I can help play peek-a-boo. I take the blanket off my head, or yours, and then I can lift it up to try and hide you again. Mommy thinks it's so funny and gets so happy when I do it.

When you dress me I can help put my arms through the holes. But my thumbs always get stuck since I don't know that I have to put my hands in a fist!

I LOVE FOOD! I even say 'mmm' like Mommy does when it tastes good. I have gotten so much better at feeding myself and have started to eat some table foods. I really like bananas and bread. I'm still eating pureed baby food but I am working my way up to the good stuff. Only having two teeth doesn't give me much to work with.

When I get to play in a walker/saucer I get so giddy. I bounce and scream. I love being able to sit up and look around at everything. I also can sit up fairly well on my own on the floor. Sometimes I go a little to far to the side and fall over. But I'm working on it.

I like the puppies that I get to see. Especially that small one they call Callie.

I'm not crawling yet. I just scoot myself backwards and in circles. I don't think my hips are well enough yet. I can stand a bit better but still need LOTS of help with it.

Grandpa Kent says I'm a typical woman. He thinks I'm very vocal and have an opinion. In the car I will talk and talk and talk. Then pass out. But I have lots to say even though nobody seems to know what I'm talking about.

Daddy, I can't wait to show you all these new things I have been working on. Mommy tries to get lots of pictures and videos for you. She says you love me all the time and that you miss me. I haven't forgotten about you! I can't wait to see you soon, Daddy. I love you.

Your Sarah Bear

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