Friday, July 3, 2009

A fun few days!

It has been a tiring but fun few days. After getting in Wednesday morning we drove to my parents house to rest, unpack a few things, and then SLEEP!!!!! We all managed to get a few hours in. Christian and I got up about 2:30 that afternoon. We needed some grocery and baby essentials so we first headed to the grocery store. Saw somebody we knew from church and stopped to say hello. Then a nice Amish woman stopped to talk with Sarah and asked her name. When I told her she said, 'Ahh, a Biblical name!' I grinned and said yep! Then I told her I had Christian as well. She just smiled and kept on her way. :)

The Sunshine grocery store over by our house now has a Pizza Ranch where the old flower shop used to be. So we decided that we would have supper there. It.was.good!!!! I loved it and will be going back. haha Christian did okay. He was still out of sorts from the whole ordeal the night before so we just went with the flow. After dinner we went to Walmart to get some baby essentials for the kids then we went back home.

The night went FAR BETTER than we expected. Both kids were asleep by 9pm. Sarah got up once at 1am and then at 5am. I wasn't able to get her back to sleep so Grandma Linda took her for a few hours so I could go back to sleep. I got up about 7:30am to Sarah whining so I took her and got her down for a nap. Christian was still sleeping and we thought we better get him 9am!!! That boy was tired. And he wasn't all that thrilled to get up but we managed to get him to come around.

The next day (Thursday) went well. We hung out at home for a bit and then Sarah went down for her morning nap. After she got up I needed to make a stop at a store in town that sells cloth diapers. I got Sarah some since she was running out of ones that fit her. None for the boy...he needs to be potty trained! After the diaper run we went to see Grandma and Grandpa Petersen. We hung out for a bit before Sarah got fussy and needed to go down for a nap. Christian was tired as well. He was nodding his head on the way home so we knew he was tired. Each slept a few hours.

After naps we had to make another Walmart run. We seemed to keep forgetting abuot the things we needed. After that trip it was time to take the kids over to see Grandma and Grandpa Keefer. We were going to have spaghetti dinner over there. Great Grandma Wava and Great Grandma and Grandpa Moseson stopped by to say hello. Wava brought Chrisitain a dump truck and Sarah her first baby doll. They both loved them. Sarah giggled at the doll and Christian drove that truck all over the floor. Fun had by all. It was getting late, though, and Sarah was getting really upset. (She is also having #2 issues...poor girl).

We headed home and it was time for bed. Sarah went down without a fight. Christian wasn't going to let go that easy. From about 9:45 to almost 10:30pm he bawled. He was just NOT happy to be in bed. In and out, screaming at me, throwing his blankets. He finally bite the dust and let himself just go to sleep. He woke up about 6:30am the next morning and walked right upstairs. I didn't hear him and had no clue he was up. He is in his own room and Sarah and I are in the other. Us girls got up at 7:30am to the sounds of the boy jumping on the floor above us.

It was a good day today. The kids and I went out to lunch with Auntie Anne and then Grandma Linda took the kids so that Anne and I could go shopping. I was in DESPERATE need of clothes that were non-maternity and cute. I have felt like a frumpy mom for the last year or so, so I wanted some cute clothes. Mission accomplished. With what I bought I made about 4-5 different outfits. I even bought two pairs of new strappy sandals! I was very happy and now I want to go shopping some more. :)

Tonight we managed to get the kids fed and bathed by 6:00pm. Sarah made it to bed by 6:30 and Christian was headed there soon after. It was tough, though. From about 7:20-8pm he fought it. We were in and out of there and then just let him cry again. He'll eventually get back into a schedule. Just might take a while. Poor kid is just upside down about it all.

All in all, a very good few days. Tomorrow is Fourth of July and we are headed to Aunt Carol's in MN. Almost all of my Mom's side of the family is getting together with the little cousins for some fun. We are bringing our swimsuits!! :-)

It will die down once everyone goes back to work on Monday. Then the kids and I will be alone during the day with the dogs while everyone is at work. Back to the ho-hum of things. We'll take the dogs for walks, go the the park, and maybe hit up the new waterpark.

But for now, it is goodnight.

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AmandaLFairbanks said...

Sounds like you are having a good time. Glad you are getting some help and can sleep in for a little bit longer ;)