Sunday, February 22, 2009

Suppose I shall update right?

Things are decent around here. Not been busy but have been LAZY!! I have totally slacked on my Project 365. There are MANY days this month that didn't get done. :( Boo on me.

We'll start with an update on the little Princess. I think she is going through a growth spurt. She went from sleeping so well at night to getting up every few hours. Ugh...what a long week it's been. But she is taking pretty decent naps during the day now so that is good. I heard of a great tip to gauge how a baby should sleep. It's the 2-3-4 rule. From when they wake up they should be awake about 2 hours then have a nap. Then when they get up from that nap they stay up 3 hours. Then another nap and stay up for 4 hours before they go to bed. Most days Sarah gets a catnap during the last 4 hours of being awake but for the most part we are good with the 2-3-4 rule. Other than eating and sleeping she hasn't done much else. Well, drooling happens a lot. :-)

Christian. Oh, my darling Christian. I thought many months ago that he might have started his Terrible Twos. Uhhh....nope! The last few weeks have been quite a roller coaster of tantrums. Diaper changes, eating, naps, bedtime, coming inside from outside, picking up name it, he has thrown a tantrum about it. Poor kiddo has had many beatings.

He has a new friend as well. You can see them playing together at the pool on the website. :-)

We finally got his speech therapy going! We did all the paperwork this last Friday and will have some therapist come to the house on March 17. It's a ways away but at least the ball is rolling.

Matt is good. He has done nothing new. He is boring. lol <--That is for you Nancy.

I'm well. Tired, but well. I have been working on a quilt. I also got a Flat Stanley in the mail the other day from my cousin back in SoDak. I get to take Stanley around Hawaii and take pictures of him and send Stanley, the pictures and some souvenirs back to my cousin to show his class. I'm super excited to do it. :-) Here is a picture of my cousin Spencer and Stanley!

So, I'll have to post my adventures with Stanley on here when we have them. I have lots of places to take him on this Island!

All for now, I have some Stanley work to do.


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