Saturday, February 7, 2009

Big Boy Cups & Babylegs

Me: "What does a cow say?"

Christian: "Vvrrrr."

I keep trying to get him to actually say "Moo" but it keeps coming out like "Vrr". He has the li[ shape right he just doesn't make the whole between them. haha. He keeps his teeth on his bottom lip. Still SUPER cute!


Sarah has gas issues. She is a horrible burper, thus causing gas build-up. But she is getting better. I literally have to stand up after I nurse her a bit, bounce her up and down while I move around and she MIGHT burp. We have had to do LOTS of massages and bicycle legs every night to help her sleep better. And I think it is working!! The last two nights she has gone to bed about 8:30pm and doesn't get up until about 3am to nurse. YAY!! I love getting that good chunk of sleep before I have to wake up and nurse her. Just makes me a happier person come the next day! haha. Just wish she would sleep ANOTHER 6 hours after she goes back to sleep instead of 3. :(


And speaking of sleep. Christian seems to NOT like sleeping late(er) in the morning. The day before yesterday was 6:20am. Yesterday it was 6:15am. This morning he managed to make it to 6:25 before he started screaming for someone to get him. But I guess it has been working out anyways because that is about the time that Sarah seems to wake up again. I will take the defeat of knowing I might not be able to sleep past 7am for a very long time!!!! haha


Matt is back to a regular schedule and work and he is also BACK IN THE GYM!!!!! I'm sure he will tell you he hates going but we both know he always feels better when he is done. And since fulfilling a promise that he made to Christian on the 1st of the year he is even MORE healthy. :-) This makes The Wife a much happier person to live with. haha.

He is actually at the gym as I type this and he will be bringing back his bike so that we can get the trailer hooked up to the back of it! I'm anxious to see how well Christian likes (or dislikes?) the trailer. I'm hoping it will be fun for both of them. When we are at the grocery store Matt will go really fast down an empty aisle with the cart and Christian really likes here's to hoping!


I have started physical therapy. I have been there 3 times so far and I can tell it is helping. But, boy am I out of shape!!! After two kids in two years...I've lost pretty much ALL the flexibility that I had before as well as strength. So I need to bust my butt and do what I need to do. I hope to get back down to 175lbs before we leave here.

I feel sorta funny going to PT. I'm the youngest one that I have seen there so far...and the tallest!! It's mostly older locals and they are all itty bitty 5 footers. Here I am towering over them and I feel like a giant. But they have all been really nice. One man asked me if I was a military wife. I said yes and he said it was the hardest job of all. It made me smile. What a sweet man. :-)


Sarah is cute as ever. Her little legs are now big enough to sport the babylegs I made her:

This last one has 'I <3 Boys Shoes'. Super cute!

I have more that I need to quick sew up and she will have one for every day of the week!! :-)


Christian is showing us how much he is growing again. We have been trying to get him to drink from a cup for a really long time but he was always scared. Then we got him training cups with a lid. He was still scared of those too. But then I gave him one the other day just to see what he would do and he just started drinking! Why couldn't he do that sooner?!?! haha

Notice Sarah being a precious angel in the swing and looking at herself in the mobile mirror! :-)


That is all for now! I'm hungry so I'm going to finish the fantastic subs that we bought at the commissary the other day!! Yum, food!

Love you all!

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