Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy LOVE day!!! Hope it was a good one.

We did nothing special. Matt got a card from Christian and me. I got a cool picture on my desktop when I woke up!! :-) I think if you click
on it, you will see the bigger version.
Isn't this the cutest stick family you have ever seen?!?! It was absolutely wonderful to wake up to :-)

Nothing else exciting happened this week. Matt works and I do homework!! I have some new videos of Christian that I have to upload. Hopefully I will get that done soon.


I tried whole milk with Christian this week. He didn't know the difference!! So that is WONDERFUL! So now I'll finish the formula that I have left and start him on milk! Yippee!! That is all the exciting news with him.

Love you all!! The Keefers

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