Thursday, October 25, 2007

Christian's ultrasound & Matt's graduation

First thing first - Christian's ultrasound (u/s) technician said that we should have nothing to worry about and that his little belly and kidneys are fine. During his u/s, Christian was quite baffled as to what we were doing to him. He was squirted with warm goo and then poked with a probe. He wanted to play with the cord so we gave him another probe cord to play with....nah uh! Christian was too smart and knew that that was NOT the same cord that the tech was playing with! haha

He was a bit agitated because he couldn't eat 4 hours before the u/s. So when I had mentioned that he was started to get a bit antsy from being hungry she said that I could feed him while she was doing the u/s because she had already looked at his gallbladder. So I fixed up a drink and Christian was able to hold pretty still while drinking. Overall the u/s took about a half hour. She looked at his gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, intestines and showed me all the milk in his tummy after drinking. :)

After we were done in the little u/s room I got him dressed and we headed out towards the waiting room. Everyone we passed, including our u/s tech, said that he was just so handsome and so cute. Everybody got a smile out of him. We even ended up in the elevator with one of the gals in the office and she would just stare at him and tell him out cute he was. Now, of course I already know he is the most precious little chubby cheeked baby boy in all the world but it was pretty fun to have a whole room of ladies tell me that as well!! haha

Anyways, I'll get the full results from his u/s after they send a full report to Christian's Ped on base.


So last night was Matt's graduation from ALS. It was SO fun to get dressed up and leave the house. Not so much fun to bring Christian to a babysitter. :-( Talk about one of the saddest Mommy moments I have had so far!! I gave him to Erin and told her some of the things she would need to do. Christian could tell something was up. He looked at Erin, then back and me, then back at Erin, then back at me. The look on his face was "Mommy, you should be holding me not her!" Then I gave Erin her last instruction, kissed Christian and then his floodgates opened and he BAWLED! I had to leave right then and there or else I was never getting out of there.

So I go back to the house and we get dressed and ready to go. We left for the event and when we arrived there was a social hour before the ceremony began. We were able to move around the banquet room and find our table, mingle with the other graduates and guests. The tables were nicely decorated and we each had our own program with our names on them. *I wish I would have taken pictures of everything they had set up - like the place settings, the programs, and the stage. But I didn't want to be the picture happy freak that wouldn't stop snapping her camera. This was such a professional event that I felt a bit awkward whipping out the camera every 5 minutes!*

During a lull in the social hour I ran and called Erin!!! I couldn't handle not knowing how he was doing. I called and asked if he had settled down from when I left and she said he cried for only about 20 minutes. Longer than I had expected but I'm sure this was very shocking for him. But he said he played and smiled and had tummy time with Jake. She also said she was proud of me for only calling once in the two hours he had been there!! :-) I was proud of myself as well.

After the social hour we were all told to go to our tables for the National Anthem. It was sung very well and I got goosebumps. Following the Anthem was the Invocation and then POW/MIA tribute. Matt and I had to hold back tears. I wish I could remember all that was said about the table. I will have a picture and a description about it in our album sometime soon.

Introductions of the head table were made and dinner was served. It was a fabulous meal that, again, I wish I would have taken a picture of before I dove in and ate it!! We had ceasar salad, a marinated salmon fillet, grilled chicken breast with lemon rosemary suace, whipped potatoes, roasted veggies and a black forest cherry torte that was WAY to sweet for Matt to eat. It looked like a $28 dollar meal but I suppose it could have tasted a bit better. I enjoyed my salmon though!! :-) After the head table was finished with their entree it was time for Intermission. We were then honored with the presence of CMSgt Denise M. Jelinski-Hall. She had a great speech for the Airmen. After her speech was the Presentation of Awards and Diplomas. Academic Achievement, Distinguished Graduate, Leadership, and the John L. Levitow awards were presented to the Airmen that showed excellence in specific areas. Then it was time for Diplomas!

They were awarded in alphabetical order according to their Flights. Matt was in Flight C. His name was called, he went up and shook their hands, had a professional take their picture, and then Matt had to salute. It was so neat to watch. He looked so handsome and distinguished! I couldn't have been more proud of him. Then, I think the best part of the whole evening was when the Airmen stood and they all sang the Air Force song! **Off we gooooo, into the wild blue yonderrrr, flying hiiiiiiigh into the sun!!!!!** It was great and I couldn't help but smile!

It was a great night and we are so thankful for Erin for watching Christian. It was a great date night!

Keep watching for pictures! I don't have many since the lighting in the banquet hall made for great ambiance but HORRIBLE picture taking! :-(

Crystal, Fabulous Kidney Christian, and the NEW SSgt Matt K. Keefer!

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