Friday, November 9, 2007

What a week!!!

Well, I think the flu has finally left the Keefer house!! Sunday morning I woke up quite nauseated. I thought I was pregnant!! But as soon as Christian vomited and had diarrhea I knew that something was up. If Sunday morning was an indicator of how things were going to go I should have called for backup! By Sunday night Christian had about 45 baths. The poor kid was spewing from both ends :-( Thankfully I just felt nauseous all day and I was able to take care of Christian. Come Monday I was feeling better but poor Christian was having a hard time. By Tuesday morning Matt was sick and couldn't stay out of the bathroom for more than an hour!

Christian was put on a BRAT diet - bananas, rice cereal, applesauce and toast. He did well on it after he was actually able to keep food down. For a while he wasn't even able to keep formula or Pedialyte in him. But Wednesday rolled around and he was able to eat like a champ while still having quite a bit of diarrhea. Now this morning (friday) he hasn't had any diarrhea yet- knock on wood - and I hope it stays that way.

AH! What a week! My poor babies were sick and I had to take care of them both. Hopefully this weekend will be a nice one and we can enjoy ourselves without getting sick again. It wasn't too bad but definitely a crash course in Parenthood! Never again do I want to clean up that much vomit or diarrhea again. But I know that that won't be the case....

Sorry this was such a gruesome update. It was sort of rushed because I'm trying to keep a baby happy while disinfecting my house! haha. Now it's nap time!


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