Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cute day!

It's days like today that I wish Matt was a stay-at-home Dad along with me. Christian has been so cute and I feel like Matt sometimes misses it all when he is at work.

For quite some time now Christian has been sucking on his hands and fingers. He hasn't really understood that they are his and he can control them. He will randomly grab for toys so it's a hit or miss. If we hold out a finger he will try and reach out for it.
Well last night he was chewing away on his fingers. He takes them out of his mouth and sticks out his hands in front of his as far as they could go. Then all of a sudden he goes a bit cross-eyed and sees his hands!! He literally turned them over and over and stared at them, stuck them in his mouth, took them back out and stared at them. It was one of the cutest things he has done so far.

Today I gave some cereal another go. (I don't do it every day because I'm paranoid of him getting an allergy to it. That is why many say to wait until 6 months of age to start rice cereal. I also haven't cleared it with his Pediatrician so I keep it to a minimum.) I took a few videos while I was feeding him and it was just so cute. He started opening his mouth for the spoon - on purpose!!! Before I would have to somewhat shove it in his mouth when he opened it a bit. But now he saw the spoon and welcomed it right in :-) That made me very excited and he would smile SO big and giggle. I only got one smile on video because he will just stare at the camera and not do much. So check out the few videos when you get a chance.

I can't wait to bring him home so everyone can see him. TWO MORE WEEKS!!!!!!!

We love you all and can't wait to get home for a while. XOXO

Crystal and The Eating Machine

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