Sunday, July 22, 2007

Busy week

It has been an extremely busy week!! Matt and I packed up our house on Hickam and moved into Navy housing. Long story short about what happened - the list that we were on to get a bigger/better house on Hickam was thrown out when the entire base decided to have all their homes passed over to a private company. We had two choices - stay where we were for another year (sign the contract) or move off base. So we decided to look elsewhere and found a GREAT house. The Navy was GIVING a $1750 moving credit for people to move into their housing. So we took it!!

Once we get all the boxes out of here I'll be taking a ton of pictures. We are so happy to be in the new house. We can't wait to make it cozy :-)

Sorry I haven't been updating as much. Not a whole lot goes on these days. Christian is doing great and has an appointment on the 26th. Matt this week from 2 to 10pm. That will be a change. I'm used to him going to work at 7 am and being home by 5 pm. His new job is back to shift work so no more Monday through Friday :(

Hope to get some pictures up in the next few days!


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