Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Queen Bee IS Alive!!

I have risen from the blogging grave. Worry no more, folks.

So, per my last post, I was hoping that I would get a lot accomplished in August. Ask and I shall receive!! Here is a quick run-down of what has been going on.

1. I got a job!!! I work at Children's Care Hospital & School. I am a Records Manager and Credentialing Specialist. That's just a fancy way of saying that I deal with every record of every child at CCHS as well as keep the credentials of every Doctor we have. It's just part time (Mon, Wed, Fri) but the pay is great and is a foot in the door for better jobs down the road. It came at THE perfect time.

2. I started school and am elbow deep in homework each week. I literally just sit and type up doctor dictations every chance I get, turn it in, and move on to the next lesson. I'm trying to stay ahead of the game with the workload so that I'm completely done by the time I leave for Florida.

3. I'm going to FLORIDA!! My best friend Vicki moved to FL over Labor Day weekend. My other best friend, Joe, and I decided to buy some tickets to see her in December. Dates are picked, tickets are bought, money is being saved!! Vicki lives in Naples and we are going to take a few days to go to The Keys. Whooop!

4. Christian is going to speech therapy twice a week. He is excited to go and says "Going to school?" quite a few times a day. He is making complete sentences and putting the ending consonant on some of his words! This is a big step up from where he was a year ago. There are still a few things that absolutely nobody can understand but that will come as he is able to form more of those ending letters. I'm sure proud!!

5. With my job being part time, and my sister needing a little help in the money department, I have hired Aunt Jessy to come to the house MWF and most of the day on Thursday. She watches the kids while I'm at work and when I am doing schoolwork and errands. It's working out nicely so far. Eventually, though, they WILL be going to daycare. There are just a few things that need to happen before I'm able to do it.

6. Still looking for places to live but I am on a few wait lists for townhomes. I'm calling around next week to see where I am on the list and to find some more. I'm torn between saving for a few more months and just moving out. The latter is pulling ahead at the moment!!

7. I joined the Christian Education Committee at church. It's a once-a-month meeting but it's sure jam packed with stuff. We are trying to get a group together for the 'working crowd' and it's proving to be a challenge.


8. I'm contemplating a second job. What can I say? Single mom, two kids, living at home with the parents. Any money coming in is good in my book!!

Now for pictures since I bored you all for so long.

The day I found out I got the job at CCHS. I was at the park having a Mommy-Bubba day.

My Welcome to work! :-) My boss is awesome.

Ready for church.

Is she not frickin' cute?!

I let them have their own table at Subway (yes, the one in a Walmart) and they were excited about it. They are growing up fast!

Checking out Papa Kerry's tomatoes.

My birthday. Ice Cream Cake!!!!

Playing ball with Bubba.

Matt playing catch with Sarah.

Last family pic before deployment.

The last gathering for the Keefers before Matt left for deployment (minus Kent who took the picture).

Sarah was a big helper while we played bean bags.

Reading the Daily Word to each other. haha

Wrestling with Papa Kerry.

I know that update was SO amazing you could hardly contain yourselves. But there it is. I'm crazy busy, don't have time for a social life, and would love to time travel to June 2012 so that I could be done with school and out of my parents house. Such is life...

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Sounds like every thing is going great for you right now :)