Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello, August. We have a lot of work to do.

This month will hopefully be a very productive one. A lot of things need to happen - or at least a few things that I have on the list to accomplish.

A bit of an update on Matt and me first. We are officially divorced and he has now been deployed overseas. He is super busy over there and says he feels a bit of accomplishment doing the job he is.
This is the last picture of me and him together. I have more of all four of us that I need to get from Nancy.

First and foremost, this month I start back up with school. That in itself has been a bunch of craziness. I'm using 12 months of Matt's GI Bill (thank you!) and will be getting my Medical Transcription degree done and out of the way this Fall. Then in order for me to use the GI Bill for my Medical Assisting I have to graduate in December and then reapply in January! It's really a bunch of red tape from the government that I'm going around to get this all done. Either will happen.

I'm still scouring SF for a job. I applied for three of them at a hospital here in town on Saturday and promptly got three rejection emails Monday morning. Nice... I know I will get one but I just don't want it to be at Target. I've done retail, and although I really think that I kick butt doing it, I really don't need to go through it again. So, friends, pray that I find a great job.

Kids are doing well. They will go to daycare soon. If I'm just going to school then they will go part time during the week so that I can get a few hours a day to myself to study. If I get a job they will obviously go full time. I'm honestly looking forward to it. They need the interaction with structured adults and other kids. And this mom needs a break!! :)

I'm also looking for a place to live. I obviously have to get a job and some income before that can happen but a lot of places are hard to get into around here. We'll see. Again, friends, prayers are needed that some things line up and I'm able to make a nice home for the kids to live in. They deserve it!!

Here are a few random pics.
The kids are enjoying the pool that papa Kent bought for them.

My sister!!!

Sarah being a goober.

Anne went to a baseball game with me and a group from church. We had a lot of fun.

The faces this kid makes are TOO funny.

Making cookies with Grandma Nancy.

Still a good summer so far even though there are a lot of things I've been having to get in order as far as the divorce goes. Kids are doing well, I love being around family and friends and I can't wait for school. My bucket list is still going and expanding!!

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Blanca said...

Things have a way of working out when we least expect them to. Just keep your spirits high. We're praying for you, the kids, and Matt's safety.