Friday, April 16, 2010

Wowzers - 300th post!!!

I won't be doing anything fancy in this post. I have no super fun giveaways. I will not be having a guest blogger. I will not put on a song and dance. My 300th post will only include updates, some pictures, and huge Thank You to friends and family that read this. Perhaps some day I will be popular enough to give away an iPad or notebook computer. But, alas, I am not any of those things that are required to do something so cool as that!


What have we been up to the last few weeks? A LOT!!! I will try to share in pictures - mostly crappy cell phone ones....

I had a downer to the start of my February (which is when this all started with Matt). The end of the month my friend Vicki came into town and we went to the Sertoma Butterfly House. Kids LOVED it!

Once March rolled around I was on the up and up and feeling better about things. I even dyed my hair and got it cut. The darkest brown possible before BLACK. I love it. *Don't mind that the flash completely made me look like a ghost*

My Dad won tickets to the Bob & Tom All-Star Comedy Tour so I made him give me the tickets - then I took him as my date. :-)

I helped Anne paint the paneling in the basement at their house. My arm and neck hurt so bad after it all. I didn't even do a lot of the work!!!

The kids dyed eggs:

And painted pictures:

Sarah finally got enough hair to make a few pigtails! *ketchup not blood!!!*

For the first time - EVER - one of my kids fell asleep in a chair while eating!

Christian learned how to pedal a trike.

Anne and I went to the VFW to play Bingo!

And I won once for a grand total of $5.

Christian helped Papa Kerry dig a spot for tomatoes.

Sarah rocked a side ponytail, a skirt with leggings, and my purse.

the very beginning of April we went to Grand Forks to get the rest of my stuff and stayed in a hotel. Christian slept in bed with me for the first time ever. It was quite the experience. The boy does NOT lie still!

One the way back to SF we stopped to get out and let the kids run. We counted the teepee 'legs' and ran in the grass poking leaves with sticks.

Christian roughed it in the backyard.

Anne and I took the kids to the bike trail and had a lovely walk!

Ok, that about sums up the pictures for the last few months! I will do a separate post of Christian's 3rd Birthday later. :-)

As far as 'Matt and Me' update - I have filed for divorce. I will not be waiting until after he deploys (which might not even happen now anyways). I feel as though I am better off doing this sooner rather than later. For my own sanity, really. So I would hope that by July/August it will be finalized.

Phew! What a post. My laptop is tired and I'm going to turn in for the night!

But before I go... A Thank You - To the friends and family that read this.

We are truly blessed to have you in our lives. The kids and I have so much love showered on us by you. I have no doubt in my mind that God knows I will do great in SF. *I* know that I will do great here. There is a bigger plan for my family than what I thought it was originally. Daily I feel the love from everyone. You guys rock!


Val said...

Fun post! But no Ipad? C'mon!! LOL.

AmandaLFairbanks said...

Sounds like you are doing good :)

Blanca said...

lol Great update! Loved the pictures, and I'm glad you guys are doing well.

~J's Mommy~ said...

Looks like you left out the coolest part of all... when you met ME!!!!!!!! DUH!!!!

And I can't believe C never slept with you before! JEALOUS!!!!!!!!! lol