Friday, December 7, 2007

Think I should make an update?

Yet again, it has been a couple of crazy, stressful, busy weeks. I don't think November could have gotten more frustrating and exhausting. I hope that the rest of December stays nice and calm.


After Christian was feeling better from the flu he got sick again!! He had a fever for most of the day (I lost track of which day of which week it was!!!) and he woke up about 10pm screaming. He was soaking wet with sweat and BURNING up! I took his his temp in his armpit and it was 102. So off to the ER we went because obviously the Tylenol I was giving him was not working. So after 6+ hours and 4:30am had passed we were finally on our way back home with more Tylenol and some Motrin. Christian managed to sleep a bit and we tried to get through the next few days.

But of course it wasn't supposed to be easy for us because the next day I threw my back out while lifting pop out of a shopping cart. What a bad day that was. I get home and immediately bust into tears and try to sit down. I was in shear pain and couldn't move. The next day I wasn't feeling any better so we started calling around to see if anybody did walk-in/emergency chiropractic. NOPE - of course not! Why would anybody think of doing that. :( So I had to make an appointment and go in for an x-ray to even be considered for an adjustment. Needless to say we were frustrated..and I was still in pain. But, FINALLY, we find a place that will see me the next morning and adjust me on my first visit. So it was looking like I would be feeling better...or was I? Again, nope. After 4 hours at the clinic I was still broke. But over the next three days of getting adjusted I was feeling better and on my way to walking up straight and being able to lift Christian.

Speaking of not being able to lift Christian...Matt had to be Mr. Mom for about 3 days. It was painful to watch him be the Mom. Not that he wasn't able to do it, but because *I* was the one that made sure his diapers were changed and that he was fed and that he had anything he needed while Matt worked. But now that he was home on his 3 days off (taking care of me and Christian) it have to sit back and watch somebody else do MY job. I was so happy and proud though. Matt did a great job at trying to make sure that we were OK. I have no doubt that if something - God forbid - ever did happen to our family that he would be able to be the Dad AND the Mom. And Christian sure did love all the extra Daddy love he got!! :)

So now after a few weeks of back adjustments and lots of naps taken by Christian it looks like we are all on the mend. HOORAY!


15 more days until we fly home to South Dakota!!


And if some of you didn't already know - I'm about 2 1/2 months pregnant! We are super excited and I have a belly already. Not that I was a skinny mini and had my teenage body back after having Christian but I can already tell that I have that pooch of a baby belly! I like it believe it or not. I missed my belly as soon as it was gone and I am excited to be able to feel the kicks again. Nothing like knowing the woman's body brings forth life. It's a miracle and I love living every moment of it. Any bets on it being a girl or boy?!?! I'll have to post a link for everyone to make their guesses again like we did with Christian.


I have 1 final and one computer quiz left to do for school and then I can say that I am done with another semester!! Yippee!! It feels so good to be SO close to finishing college. I will have the Spring semester and then one class in the summer that I will complete. Then I graduate in August!
I will have to have some sort of virtual party or something because after:
- 2 colleges
- one marriage
- one deployment
- one move across SD
- one pregnancy
- a birth
- a move across the US
- a move to a new house
- a mini-TDY
- another pregnancy
- lots of sleepless night
- and SIX YEARS of school

I will be a College Graduate!! :) *Happy Dance* Trust me when I say, I will be shouting all the way over here in Hawaii when I get my diploma!!


Okay, I'm too excited for my own good thinking about almost being done with school. So I'm going to bake cookies!! Love you all :)

Crystal, Matt, Christian, and The Belly

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