Monday, August 20, 2007

SD visit

As most of you know, Christian and I are back in South Dakota while Matt is in Korea!

We have been having quite a bit of fun here. LOTS of family to see and I feel like we have been on the go since we got here.
Some milestones have occured with Christian while being here:

~TOOFERS!!! His bottom two teeth are coming in. And guess who isn't happy about them? Christian has been a bit fussy but nothing a teething ring and Orajel can't fix!

~He has found his toes! He grabs them quite a bit. Pretty soon he'll have them in his mouth. Ick!

~He is enjoying baby food. Bananas and carrots, which were once on the 'bad food' list, are now some of his favorites! Yay! Sometimes he will even "mmm" when the spoon goes into his mouth. :-)

~He likes dogs. I have some very cute pictures of Christian with my parents dogs.

~He has ALMOST mastered rolling over. His arms get in the way and he doesn't quite have the 'umph' to get him over. SOON!

Once I get back to Hawaii I'll be able to post all the pictures I have taken. For now you will have to settle with an update or two :-)

XOXO, Crystal and Christian

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