Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hello Summer.

We honestly haven't done a whole lot lately. Playing outside, going to a few functions at church for the kids, went to help Grandma celebrate being a cancer survivor, and then hanging out at the house with the dogs and boxes of toys that never seem to stay picked up.

It's officially summer, kids are out of school, pools are opening, motorcycles cruising around and....garage sales!! I recently sat in my parents driveway trying to sell their crap. They made $50! I got burned and spent the next three days recovering from the massive amounts of fresh air and sun that I subjected myself to.

I have not thought too much about adding to my bucket list...but I do get to cross one off now!
1. Get a tattoo.
They are the middle names of the kids. It's a bit hard to tell but I got it on my ribcage on my right side. I love it. I want more!!

After I defaced my body, we poked a few holes in Sarah's.

We went to my cousin's HS graduation then stopped at Carol & Gary's house for a visit. I took the kids on for a ride on the golf cart that *I* used to drive around when I was little!

Christian pooped on the potty. Once. For real. Hasn't since...

Both kids also had some pretty nasty blows to the face. Christian fought with a sidewalk and it won. Sarah got the beat down from some kids shoe at the playground. Both walked away with battle wounds. Some more scathed than others...
Sarah has a black eye (right side of the picture). Sorry it's so blurry!

And this is what the boy did to himself while walking the dogs a few weeks ago. The only way I can describe it is a bicycle. He slammed on his brakes, braced his arms and caught himself, but then his back end just flipped RIGHT over and he landed on his face. First thought was 'How many teeth did he lose??' then as I got closer to him I just see his entire left side of his face was red...and then bleeding. A few days later the bruise on his forhead was all the way into his hairline. Poor kid.

Went to a huge park while celebrating with Grandma.

Had some fun making bubbles and going head first down slides some more at the church campout!

Listening to the campfire songs.

I took the kids outside this past week to try and get some cute pictures of them. FAIL! Christian wouldn't sit still and I finally just grabbed him and told him to smile. This is what I got

I screamed at Sarah to try and get her to turn towards me and this is what I managed to get. Cute...but the boy is running off in the background. So I'm having a friend work on this one.
And them together. Le sigh...

And this was the best family picture I was able to get. Thanks for taking the picture, Mom!!

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AmandaLFairbanks said...

You look AMAZING and I love your tattoo! Way to go for crossing one thing off your list :)